Anglican Decision Disappoints
Many Christians with Same-Sex Attraction

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WINNIPEG, June 24 – The Zacchaeus Fellowship is deeply disappointed that the Anglican Church of Canada has today approved the blessing of same-sex sexual relationships.

Today’s resolution has often been promoted in the name of gay and lesbian people’s sharing in the universal human need for love and acceptance. However, many individuals who experience same-sex desires and share this need for acceptance as persons still expect the church to support them with sound teaching as they struggle against sexual temptations. Today’s approval of Resolution A186 betrays their trust.

Despite the ACC’s disheartening departure from the foundations upon which the Anglican Church was built, the Zacchaeus Fellowship will continue to offer itself as a resource to the church. We intend to continue reaching out pastorally with a voice of hope for those “silent sufferers” whose unwanted same-sex attractions are faced in isolation. Sadly, we can now expect their already trying situation to be compounded by pressure upon them to acquiesce in the ACC’s adoption of values hostile to Christian truth.

About The Zacchaeus Fellowship:

The Zacchaeus Fellowship ( is a fellowship of men and women in the Anglican Church of Canada who hold to the church’s traditional view on sexuality in the face of former or current experience of significant same-sex attraction. The Zacchaeus Fellowship was founded in 2004 and has members across the country.

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