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Letter to General Synod 2004

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Greetings in Christ!

We, the undersigned, are Canadian Anglicans who were once active in the homosexual lifestyle, or have struggled with exclusively same-sex attractions. Some of us are now celibate by choice; some of us are now in heterosexual marriages. We represent a much larger group than appears on this paper. We are united in our commitment to the authority of Holy Scripture, and we reject the resolutions regarding the blessing of same-sex unions sent by the Council of General Synod to General Synod, 2004. We believe that facilitating the blessing of same-sex unions, without listening to the stories of God’s transforming power in our lives, is to act irresponsibly, and without weighing all the facts.

To pass these motions would be to betray and marginalize those of us who have come under the authority of Scripture and entered into a process of exodus from the homosexual lifestyle. As such members of the Church, we are witnesses to God’s Holy Spirit, his transforming power. We look to the Church for pastoral care and moral direction, subject to the authority of Scripture, which would empower us in the ordering of our relationships. It is not loving for the Church to encourage us to live in slavery to this mortal flesh, and not honest to assert that change is not possible.  Instead, we look to the Church to empower us to draw closer to God by offering our bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing unto God.

Our voices have been silenced and not heard in the Anglican Church of Canada; you have not paid heed to us. Today, we ask that you would not betray us by passing these motions allowing for the blessing of same-sex unions within the Anglican Church of Canada without first hearing our voices and weighing our stories. We ask that you would not pass these motions and commit yourselves instead to listening to our voices before making any move as a Church. Let us all acknowledge the love and lordship of Christ who makes all things new.

Behold, I make all things new. Revelation 21:5

The original letter was signed by fifteen Canadian Anglicans from various dioceses across the country.

Audio recording of Bishop Buckle reading the letter into the record at General Synod

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