Open Letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury from the Zacchaeus Fellowship

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August 29, 2006

Dear Archbishop Williams:

Greetings in Christ! We applaud your recent interview with a Dutch journalist, to whom you said that while the Church welcomes homosexual persons, they are called to align their behaviour with the mind of Christ.

We represent a group of Canadian Anglicans who were once sexually active with members of the same sex or who have struggled with exclusively same-sex attractions. Some of us are now celibate by choice; some of us are now in heterosexual marriages.

We agree wholeheartedly that inclusion should not be treated as a value in itself. Far from experiencing your recent statement as a "betrayal," as one British politician is reported to have characterized it, we endorse the reassertion of the Church's traditional teaching against homosexual acts. When our spiritual leaders water down the life-giving gospel message of repentance and forgiveness, that, we believe, is the true betrayal.

We look to the Church for pastoral care and moral direction, subject to the authority of Scripture, which would empower us in the ordering of our relationships (as stated in Lambeth Resolution 1.10). We yearn to hear our Church boldly preach the gospel message of transformation and discipleship.

We are thankful that you have affirmed your duty to "guard the faith and teaching of the Church." Please be assured of our ongoing prayers for you and the Anglican Communion as you continue to lead us.

Yours very truly, in Christ Jesus,

Rev'd Dawn McDonald (Diocese of Yukon)
Rev'd Don Alcock (Diocese of Huron)
Daryle Duke (Diocese of Rupert's Land)
Carole Simms (Diocese of Toronto)
André Rocheleau (Diocese of Quebec)
on behalf of The Zacchaeus Fellowship

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